January 10th, 2021, Fairport, NY – Quicklee’s Convenience Stores, headquartered in Avon, NY, has acquired DiPrima’s Mobil, located at 1311 Fairport Rd, Fairport, NY, 14450. This marks the 3rd store acquisition by Quicklee’s in 2021, and brings the total number of family-owned and operated Quicklee’s locations to 26.

“Fairport is a unique place, full of history, pride and an active community focused on making it a great place to live and work.” said Ken Perelli, Quicklee’s Vice President and COO.  “Now with a second location in the area, we are doubly committed to the community and focused on providing exceptional service the area deserves.” 

In 2019, Quicklee’s opened its first location in Fairport. That location was completely rebuilt and is now also home to a Calabrasella’s Deli. The newly acquired Quicklee’s location on Fairport road is known for its unique selection of craft brews, which Quicklee’s intends to keep, in addition to providing access to Dunkin’ Donuts and convenience store staples the community needed. 

“This really is a one-of-a-kind location,” said Brian Mongi, Quicklee’s General Manager. “The DiPrima family worked hard to create a unique craft brew selection and customer buying experience, and we intend to bring that same level of service and focus on creating the best experience possible as this new location becomes a part of the Quicklee’s family.” 

Family-owned and- operated, Quicklee’s has ties with national brands like Dunkin’ but also remains close to its local roots. In addition to the typical convenience store offerings, Quicklee’s proudly supports community organizations, works with local food manufacturers to provide them premium placement in its stores and prides itself on its fast, clean, friendly service.

About Quicklee’s Convenience Stores

Quicklee’s Convenience Stores have been family-owned and- operated since 1995. Under the leadership of Ken Perelli, Quicklee’s remains focused on expansion and offering its brand of fast, clean, friendly service to each and every new community it serves. In 2017 Quicklee’s expanded its business model to include travel center locations, and in 2018 they launched the Go Local program, which provided sales, marketing, and in store placement support to local food manufacturers.