Family-Owned and Operated

Quicklee’s is one of Upstate New York’s largest, and fastest growing family-owned and operated convenience store chains.

The first Quicklee’s location, founded by Pete Bruckel and his family, opened in 1995. That store, located in Avon, NY was founded on the belief that there is always room for more convenience in our lives. Since then, each and every store we’ve opened has followed that same mentality. When we acquire a location, or build new, we design, stock, and hire team members who will help to ensure our customers have access to goods they need, and service they deserve.

A Growing Footprint

Today we remain family-owned and are proudly led by Ken Perelli. Under his leadership the Quicklee’s brand, executive team, retail staff, and network of locations has rapidly expanded to allow us to provide our unique brand of fast, clean, friendly service to communities across the region. 

In 1995 we had one location, now you can find over 28+ Quicklee’s locations, in over 18+ cities, staffed by a team of 175+ hardworking employees. And while we experienced rapid growth in recent years to our core business, our expansion efforts didn’t stop there. In 2017 we expanded our business model, opening the first Quicklee’s Travel Center in Avon, NY, at Exit 9 of the NYS Route 390.

Our leadership team remains focused on growth, growth of our network of stores both through acquisitions and new store builds, as well as growth of our community outreach efforts. Because our connection to the community is integral to our identity and important to the customers we serve.

Services and Amenities You Need

Shop at one of our stores and it’s clear what sets us apart.  At Quicklee’s we make it easy to fill up, fuel up, and wash up, all in one stop.

We’ve built a loyal following by offering great snacks, access to a variety of grab’n’go meals, and a helpful selection of grocery items. And don’t forget the ice cold beverages. We prioritize cooler space in our stores, which allows us to carry a wider variety of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages as well as frozen goods and bagged ice.

For those who are really hungry, they can stop at one of our larger locations and enjoy breakfast from national brands like Dunkin’ and Tim Horton’s. Or they can treat themselves to delicious food options from regional favorites such as Mozzeroni’s and Calabresella’s.

And our great service and amenities don’t stop in our stores. For those who are looking to give their vehicle a little extra love, they can stop at one of our many laser wash or spray and wash locations for a car wash.



Small Business Commitment, Deep Local Roots

While our customers know us as Quicklee’s, we work hard to make sure they see us as “Their Local” convenience store. We’ve accomplished this in many ways, including greeting customers by name, offering products they request, and always listening to their feedback. Our focus on community and our deep local roots has inspired us to create community focused initiatives, like our Quicklee’s Go Local, Go To Market Program.

That program has helped over 50+ small businesses, many of whom are located throughout the Upstate New York region, with sales, marketing, and in store placement support in our stores. Small business owners who participate in the program are offered 1-on-1 consultations, access to our distribution services, and guidance from a team of experts who want to see them succeed. 

Thanks to efforts like those you can find a variety of goods and products to our stores from businesses across the region, including Merle’s Maple Products, Red Osier Sauces, and Bones Dog Treats. So whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind product from a local favorite or you are craving goodies from a national brand, you can count on YOUR local Quicklees convenience store to deliver each and every time.



  • 1995First location opens in Avon
  • 1998Second location opens in Geneseo
  • 2002Third location opens in Webster
  • 2004Stores are converted from Hess to Mobil and a supply agreement is made with Reid Petroleum of Lockport
  • 2006Fourth location opens in Henrietta
  • 2010Acquired three locations (Bloomfield, Lakeville and Avon Village)
  • 2013Development of convenience store brand, Quicklee’s, with The Business Advisors LLC
  • 2013Development of exterior and interior store design model for Quicklee’s chain with D/Fab
  • 2013Acquired five more locations (Two in Watertown, Henrietta, Avon, Bath)
  • 2014Raze and rebuild Bloomfield gas station and convenience store
  • 2015Acquired Honeoye Falls location
  • 2015Added laserwash to Bloomfield location
  • 2016Acquired Gates laserwash and station
  • 2016Break ground on the new travel center in Avon
  • 2017Opening of the travel center in Avon
  • 2017Acquired Greece location
  • 2017Launched Quicklees Customer Rewards loyalty program
  • 2018Acquired a second location in Bath and acquired location in Fairport
  • 2018Acquired Penfield Mobil Mart on the SW corner of 441 and 250 in Penfield
  • 2019Renovates stores in East Bloomfield, Fairport and Penfield.
  • 2019Acquired two additional locations in Penfield for a total of 21 locations.
  • 2020Construction is in progress on a second travel center, off I-86 at Crossroads in Belmont. This will be Quicklee's 22nd location and second travel center!
  • 2021Quicklee's Acquires Locations in Lyons and Dalton New York
  • 2022Quicklee's Opens First Location in Genesee County
  • 2023Opened new location in Hamlin, NY. Completed store remodels in Irondequoit and Winton Road (Rochester)
  • 2024Opened Niagara Falls, NY Travel Center with the company’s 1st Truck Wash

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