May 18th, 2021, Avon, NY – Quicklee’s Convenience Stores announces it has hired a new General Manager, Brian Mongi, to help oversee its 23 stores.

Brian brings 22 years of convenience store industry experience, having worked previously as a Direct Supervisor and Director of Food and Beverage at Crosby’s Convenience Stores.

As the new General Manager, Mongi, alongside a team of regional managers, will focus on improving efficiencies, increasing productivity, and managing the overall operations of individual Quicklee’s locations.  Training, education, and building the team culture will become immediate priorities, in addition to deploying new marketing and community focused initiatives. 

“Being a locally owned and operated organization gives us a huge advantage in how we are viewed in the communities we do business in” says Mongi. “Allowing more time for team development, vendor interaction, and customer interaction will improve our store operations, and allow us to provide even better service to new and existing communities that drive our success.”

Quicklee’s first General Manager retired last fall after a 25-year tenure. Actively looking to expand, with possible new locations in Batavia, Irondequoit and elsewhere, Quicklee’s prioritized the hiring of a new, experienced GM to fill the role.

“Our industry is ever-changing,” says Ken Perelli, Quicklee’s VP, and COO. “The role of General Manager touches all aspects of the organization and is essentially the driver of creating operational structure and necessary change,” he adds. “Customer trends like healthy food options, industry shifts like electric vehicles or the need to enhance internal systems require considerable time and focus, and I’m excited to have Brian’s help and support as we expand and build for the future.”

Brian received his bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. He currently lives in Lockport, with his fiancé Bonnie and his dog Kiko. He has two sons, and a grandson.

About Quicklee’s Convenience Stores

Quicklee’s Convenience Stores have been locally owned and operated by the Bruckel family since 1995. Quicklee’s is a community focused business. Its store model highlights locally made products, and looks to provide access to national chains and car washes that communities need. Quicklee’s remains focused on expanding its footprint and service offerings