Quicklee’s Convenience Stores is excited to announce that its new Belmont Truck Stop and Travel Center will include a Dunkin’ franchise at its location. Both travelers and locals alike will have access to the complete Dunkin’ menu when the franchise officially opens shortly after the travel center officially opens in August of this year.

“Since we announced our plan to open a new location in Belmont, we’ve had an outpouring of support from the local community,” says Ken Perelli, Vice President of Quicklee’s Convenience Stores. “People are excited about the development, they’ve reached out with thoughts, and we are pleased to let them know that Dunkin’ will be serving their community soon,” he added.

Quicklee’s Truck Stop and Travel Center will be bringing 12 full-time-equivalent positions to the area, and that does not include the jobs created by the new Dunkin’ location. In addition to being an Ambest Express location, the new travel center and truck stop will provide a dedicated diesel truck canopy, showers, and convenience store staples such as snacks, drinks, and local products.

“As a locally-owned and operated business we take pride in bringing new opportunities, products, and offerings to the areas we service,” says Perelli. “We work closely with the local community to ensure our locations meet their needs and provide fast, clean, friendly service that people deserve.”

The new Quicklee’s Truck Stop and Travel Center is projected to open by the end of August. The new Dunkin’ location will open soon thereafter.

About Quicklee’s Convenience Stores

Quicklee’s Convenience Stores have been locally owned and operated by the Bruckel family since 1995. Quicklee’s is a well-rounded company, with the incorporation of fast-food restaurants and car washes into the stores’ key offerings. These hybrid convenience stores continue to provide countless offerings to a growing list of local communities. With 22 locations and a 23rd in construction, Ken Perelli, Vice President, is close to his goal of operating 25 stores by the end of the company’s 25th year.